We help businesses to succeed in today's complex and risky online world.

Already paying for hosting service but expriencing below?

  • Website loads very slow
  • Website constantly not reacheable
  • Website hacked regulary
  • Emails keep bouncing for no reason
  • Emails sent to spam folders by receipient email server
  • Difficult to get instant human support when things goes wrong

We help businesses overcome these challenges among others

Why you should work with us



Our team has valuable experience in the hosting industry and web stuff. If you get stuck we can quickly help and offer professional advice. You can easily reach us via Whatsapp, call, social media, skype or email, with a quick response time of between 1-5 Minutes.


ULTRA-FAST website/email access

All our servers are on ultra-fast cloud SSD storage which allows greater performance speed and reliability. This means your website/emails can be accessed 100 times fasters as compared to the commonly used HDD storage.



With technology, things can go wrong. If you didn't have a backup plan everything you got might be gone just like that. Our hosting comes with automatic daily backups, with an option on your control panel to generate backup.


You are SAFE with us

Our servers have automatic malware removal software to keep your website files free from viruses and malware. We also have a firewall and use IP blocking to further tighten the security of the server among other security measures.

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