How to setup Gmail to send and receive domain emails in 11 steps with screenshots

This article will show you how to add your custom domain emails to Gmail and henceforth use Gmail to receive and send all your domain emails.

Gmail is one of the most popular email platforms, this is according to available unverified data.

In 2017 Gmail is reported to have Approx. 12 billion users with a 20% market share in the global email client market.

Most businesses prefer using Gmail as their email client rather than webmail which comes with hosting because of its intuitive user interface which makes it simple to use and navigate.

Another major benefit of using Gmail is that you get to use Gmail free storage space which is about 15Gb hence saving your server space.

Below steps will guide you through the process of adding your domain email account to Gmail.

1. Register your preferred domain with hosting

Come up with your preferred domain name and register it with an accredited registrar.

Depending on the host you might need to add hosting to your account to enable you to create and manage emails.

Once you signup you will be given login to your hosting account. For the purpose of this tutorial we are assuming your account will be managed via cpanel

2. Login to your Cpanel account

Use your login credentials to log in to the cpanel. If you don’t know how to access your cpanel, refer to the account information email you received from your host.

But generally, you can access your Cpanel via www.yourdomain/cpanel replace “yourdomain” with your actual domain.

Cpanel Login
Cpanel Login

3. Scroll to mail section

On your cpanel dashboard scroll down to mail section and select email accounts.

Cpanel Email section
Cpanel Email section

4. Go to Add Email Account tab

After you select Email Accounts, it loads the Email Account page which has numerous tabs depending on what you want to manage.

For the purpose of this tutorial all we want is to create a new email. Enter the required details and select “Create Account”

Adding new email on cpanel
Adding new email on cpanel

5. New email created

If you entered the details correctly, the email address will be created and ready for usage right away.

At this moment you can receive emails on this address but you can only access the email through webmail.

Email successfully created on cpanel
Email successfully created on cpanel

6. Login to Gmail or create an account

The whole purpose of this tutorial is to link your domain email with your Gmail account, so, you better be having a Gmail account, if you do just login or just create a new Gmail account.

7. Go to Gmail settings.

Once you are logged into Gmail go to settings, this is where you control numerous elements regarding your Gmail. Navigate to Account and Import tab.

Go to “Send mail as” section on the Accounts and Import page

On this section, there is an option to “Add another email address you own” it’s in blue so you can’t miss it. Select it. This opens a pop-up window

Gmail settings page
Gmail settings page

8. Enter new account details

Give your domain email a name, this is the name your email recipient will be seeing its from.

Remember we created this is email we will be adding to Gmail.

After you add the name and email move to the next step.

New email account details
New email account details

9. Setup SMTP server

Enter your SMTP server configuration for your domain, you host can help with these settings.

However, most hosts have these settings easily accessible on every webmail account.

Once you have entered this information correctly select Add Account.

STMP server settings
STMP server settings

10. Verify ownership of the domain email account

If you entered the correct STMP server credentials, the last step will be to verify that the email account you want to add is indeed yours.

Gmail have sent a verification email to your domain email check it out to finish verification.

You can either verify via code which I prefer or through a link.

Gmail verification via code
Gmail verification via code

Congratulation you have successfully integrated your custom domain email with Gmail you can now access webmail via Gmail

After you verify the domain email account, the new email will be added to your Gmail account.

Now you can send email as within Gmail. For you to receive emails there is one last step you need to do on your cpanel.

11. Add email forwarder on cpanel

Up to this far you can send emails but cant receive. This last step will help you receive your domain emails via Gmail.

We are going to add a forwarder on your Cpanel account.

A forwarder will automatically send a copy of every email received to the selected Gmail account.

On the email section select forwarders to open email forwarders page.

Select Add Forwarder blue button.

Email forwarder
Email forwarder

This opens “Add a New Forwarder” page. Enter the email you want to forward and where you want to forward the emails to.

Adding email forwarder on Cpanel
Adding email forwarder on Cpanel

That’s it!

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