Are you experiencing any of these with your current web hosting provider?

A business has one purpose; To make money while solving people’s problem.

For it to achieve it’s objectives it need professional support.

One of the key support every business need is web hosting.

This service helps businesses to securely keep files online for easy access by anyone, anywhere to ease communication and collaboration.

Web hosting is used for business emails and web-based platforms such as your website.

A business has an option to buy and maintain its server for hosting purposes but this comes with a huge financial and maintenance responsibility.

This is why most businesses opt for outsourcing hosting services.

As you already know, web hosting business has a lot of providers, the only key difference is the quality of service and the cost.

Choosing the right hosting provider is not an easy task. Years back hosting reviews used to be the best way to identify good and bad host based on user ratings and reviews but today any business can buy reviews.

While in search of a good host, keep in mind cheap does not always mean poor service and expensive great service.

Bad web hosting experience

From my past experience as a customer to several web hosting providers, below are some of the key characteristics of what I consider a bad web hosting provider.

  • Your emails delivered to recipient’s spam folder – This is an indication that your host has a reputation of sending unsolicited emails in bulk and possibly their server IP has been blacklisted by email providers.
  • Limit on the email size – Ever sent an email and later on if you are lucky you get a notification that your email could not be delivered because it exceeds allowed email size? This is bad practice by some host, this will make you lose business.
  • Extremely slow website – Other than how ‘heavy’ is your website, your host can slow down your website because of their resource limits and how data is stored and accessed within their server.
  • A limited number of online visitors allowed – This used to be a thing in the past and not anymore due to advancement in the hosting industry. Hosting provider would give you a limit on the number of visitors you can have on your website if you hit those limits incoming visitors lands on an embarrassing message that you have hit your limits and hence not accessible. This also known as bandwidth and some host still use it.
  • Regular hacking – Being online is extremely risky, a great host will provide layers of protection to safeguard your data from hackers and advice you on best practice to keep your data secure. If you regularly get hacked the host has not put in place elaborate security measures to protect your data from intruders.
  • Slow support – To keep your business online is a collaboration between hosting service provider and the business. If the business has issues related to hosting, they need an immediate or fast response. If your host takes hours to respond to your support ticket that is a sign you are dealing with a bad host.

If you are experiencing any of the above issues among others its time to jump ship before your host sink your business.


Web hosting service is a key requirement for businesses to help manage business emails and run web-based platforms.

There are a lot of hosting providers what differentiate them is the pricing and quality of service delivery. On this article, we share common issues associated with bad web hosting providers.

Lastly, we offer business-oriented hosting services for emails and websites packed with great features to secure your data and offer reliable web platforms.

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