Freedom to host whatever you want.

You want to launch a different product or service under the same business? Or implement a web based system? Our hosting allows you to create as many sub and Addon domains as you need and host them separately. 

For example, you may want to implement a project management portal for you customers and staff. You create a sub domain and a new hosting sub account is created where you can implement the new system. 

Create unlimited domain emails

Your hosting account comes with an email management module where you can easily create, delete or modify your business emails.

And we don’t limit the number of emails you can create or charge you per email, the cost is inclusive of unlimited emails.

Unlimited emails

Unlimited bandwidth

All your visitors are welcome

We don’t limit the number of website visitors you can have per month or annually. This is also know as bandwidth. Irrespective of the number of visitors our goal is to keep your website online and accessible to everyone.

Daily backups

You get daily automated backups that can be restored through your hosting dashboard. We also have an option in your hosting account where you can backup your hosting data to your local drive anytime. Backup data will give you a plan B if things go wrong.

Daily backups

Built your website for free

Build your website for FREE

Your hosting plan comes with a drag and drop PRO site builder. You can use this software to create your stunning website. This will save you money hiring a website developer. All you need to use this tool is your mouse, keyboard and creativity.

Your account is protected and secured

We have in place a live malware scanning and removal software, web protect, virus scanners, IP blocking, DDOS and brute force protection among other security measures to protect your data.

Your account is protected and secured

One click software installation

One click install of the popular web platforms

Your hosting account comes with access to popular open source web software that you can configure and install.